Community Hub

The Community Hub meets on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 4pm in the main hall of St Paul’s & St Augustine’s Worship Centre and is open to absolutely everyone.

The project originated as a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly as all Community buildings seemed to close when they were needed the most, recognising the desperate need of the local Community for a place where people could meet together in both a safe and friendly environment. In the past fundraising events held in the Worship Centre car park highlighted the fact that attendees often congregated around the refreshment facilities in order to engage in social interaction. As lockdown restrictions were lifted the need to provide people with the opportunity to escape from their own homes and to meet with others became more crucial.

We decided to start a weekly afternoon event, in order to break up the week. taking the form of a drop in and providing free tea/coffee and cakes/biscuits. A simple monthly lunch will also be provided along with a Christmas Buffet.

In order to stimulate interaction and encourage conservation and socialising amongst the attendees various games and activities are provided. There is no set format or programme to each session and everyone is free to join in as when they wish.

In September 2021 the Community Hub successfully applied to Near Neighbours for funding which will ensure the project continues until Easter 2022. It is hoped that additional grants can be obtained to ensure that the Hub is sustainable and that it will have a long-term impact in the local community. Relationships have been established with the Local Ward Councillor and both Police/PCSO’s from Norfolk Street Station. Opportunities will be provided for both Council Surgeries and Police Awareness Sessions to be held in the Centre.

The Community Hub is an ideal opportunity for St Paul’s and St Augustine’s Church to put into practice “Shaped by God Together” as it provides numerous chances to engage members of the local community in every day conversation.

Please watch this space for details of future “Community Hub” events and activities!


It gets me out of the house


The hub passes the time when you live on your own


Passes the time away. I look forward to coming.


I like coming up here and playing pool. I enjoy the food. Although it’s based in a church it isn’t what you expect a church to be. I love the bargains from the sale. Many people sit around and don’t do much, with the introduction of the pool table more people are getting involved.


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